Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Airlines and Airports

Is it just me or is the size of airplane bathrooms (lavatories) just insanely small...I felt uncomfortable in them as a teenager when I flew and I was "toothpick" skinny back then. Do you know if the First Class lavatories are bigger? When I have flown in Business Class before the lavatories weren't bigger, but you received a bag of sundry items as a gift with a damp warm wash cloth, sometimes booze, a double sided eye patch to help you sleep and a pair of cheap slippers.

No matter what class (excluding those who fly on company jets or own their own jets, who likely won't read this anyway), we are all the same when it comes to airport security. I swear people can get PTSD from going through security. May the good Lord be with you if you haven't flown since 9/11 and you're planning to fly. I was shocked at the restrictions. Brand new tubes of products purchased for the trip, makeup, hair care products and various lotions that I mistakenly put in my carry on (years ago I used to use the flight to get glamoured up for the arrival but not any more) new products had to be put into the garbage if I wanted to make it out of security alive subsequently making my flight. The tubes had to be under a certain number of ounces and mine where all just a few ounces too much so $50 worth of products had to be placed in the conveniently located 50gal garbage can. AND you can't tell me know one goes dumpster diving at the airport! Goodness knows what kind of havoc I could have caused with my few extra ounces of hair gel or foot cream! Oh and don't dare think about doing you nails on a plane. Most manicure supplies are considered potential weapons. Watch out or I'll cut you with my sandpapered cardboard nail file.

Oh yeah and when security hold-ups cause you to miss your flight which means a charge by the airline for changing your ticket, do you think that money is used partly as $ kick-backs for the security people? One hand washes the other they say...hmmm does the increased use of hand sanitizer make that saying a bit passe'?

Hey I KNOW, since we have to take our shoes off at security anyway, maybe I should show up at the airport barefoot the next time I fly?! No coat, nothing with pockets or metal of any kind, no jewelry or accessories, no makeup (I use "mineral" cosmetics after all so why take any chances). Then I would only need to carry only a paperback book (glasses if needed) and a wallet, as all of the "dangerous" stuff would be in the baggage checked in. Then I would just have to claim my baggage upon arrival, go to the nearest huge airport bathroom and remove from my luggage all of the cleansing materials I packed to truly scour my feet clean before donning my shoes and socks after traipsing around several airports and sidewalks shoe-less, as well as getting dressed properly including jewelry, dye my hair (just kidding) but style it then finally applying makeup.

Don't get me wrong, I want to feel safe knowing that there are no terrorists on the plane but it seems like there should be a better way?!

To be continued.... :->

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