Sunday, April 4, 2010

Shyloe, a new toy and insomnia...

Oh my, I used to have a red lazer light which, Shyloe delighted in chasing all over the room, even following it in anticipation with her eyes as the light traveled up the wall and danced on the ceiling. That light was broken somehow. I just purchased a new one today and this evening I shined it for Shyloe (her sister Sky looks at the light unmoving, as if she's thinking Shyloe is crazy for wasting her energy on such a thing...afterall it's not a grocery store receipt wadded up which is REALLY fun - Sky's a cheap date, so to speak!). Now that Shyloe is older however, she runs around like a maniac chasing the light for a minute or so, then lies down and will only swat at the light if I shine it in front of her face so she can reach it! Anyway, I have insomnia as I do quite often and she seemed to gain a second wind and wanted to play so I shone the light for her but her energy didn't last long...alas, I was mistaken. My sleeplessness has out lasted her second wind! (Sky has been content to lie next to me sleeping all this time.) Hmm, I just happened to think that it is getting so late, I had better go set my alarm clock for church in the morning as this will be my first Easter, going to church, at least that I recall. I love going to church...this is the best I have ever attended. Well, I think I will put on a movie I have seen a hundred times as that often helps me when I finally start to tire. The music in the background of, "The Mummy", works well for me, as well as, "The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring". At least I can take a nap after church! Goodnight.

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