Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sky hoping for attention...

Since I have been fighting a "perma" cold I have been sleeping on the couch. Why? 1. I can watch movies with all of my meds, a place for my water, tissues with a garbage can close by and 2. My loving cats can't fit on the couch with me, like when I sleep in bed. They sleep above my head on the couch to be close to me.

One night however, Sky, the heavier of the two weighing about 25 lbs. decided she was tired of sleeping above me so she jumped up to the top of the couch, then decended very slowy (like she was being sneaky), as she crawled onto my hip her weight became an issue but I knew that part wouldn't last long then she finally laid down. Once settled, her weight evenly distributed, it wasn't so bad so I let her stay. However, she kept looking back at me as if to ask why wasn't I petting her. Sadly for her, I was watching a comedy show on Netflix and moving around a lot laughing and coughing. She was obviously, to me, disgusted and disappeared somewhere in my home pouting. I have pictures on Facebook showing where I found Sky. LOL

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